Women of Steel by Rachel Bower

For an audio version of this poem, please click here.  Women of Steel We are sisters who clank through the streets on rustless feet and chain-linked arms the deep pull of ore in our loins – calls of ancestors deep in the rocks of yolk and plum and rust. I polish her toes ‘til they … Continue reading Women of Steel by Rachel Bower

Impossible Things by Rosamund McCullain

In the second poem chosen by our guest editor Jessie Joe Jacobs, poet Rosamund McCullain plays on the meaning of 'scab'. Worthy words as our university staff continue to strike for their pensions. Impossible Things Picking that irritating scab and wondering Can there be new skin underneath? Can Epidermis and epiglottis renew? Repair the Raw … Continue reading Impossible Things by Rosamund McCullain