Honour by Finola Scott

"Finola Scott’s poem ‘Honour’ brings us the shock of a younger person’s mortality. I feel very strongly the sense of the loss of someone else’s son through the conversation with her own child. Death touches every one of us and in many ways, we never expect it in those younger than us. The poem suggests … Continue reading Honour by Finola Scott

Two Poems by Finola Scott

In this age of vast public demonstrations and non-violent rebellion, these two vivid poems from Finola Scott speak of a global human community, and the risks that demonstrators run. 'We are very close': Tens of thousands march in Venezuela 2/2/19 This river of democracy is in full spate, With flags foaming, baseball capped marchers flood … Continue reading Two Poems by Finola Scott

Independence Day by Finola Scott

Independence Day The bonnet's a yellow explosion. I instruct Aim for something soft. So my son hits the daffodils not a wall. I recall my own lessons, the feel of Dad's hand on my learner shoulder and sigh. Well Done.   Twice a week I grip my passenger-seat belt and career between advice and novenas. … Continue reading Independence Day by Finola Scott