Shapes by Jamie Sample

The third year of Celebrating Change has come to an end, and we have gathered to appreciate the wonderful digital stories made by our participants. They've come through a twelve month period of incredible uncertainty and stress, but have still made time to think, write, and film about their lives. Please take a moment to … Continue reading Shapes by Jamie Sample

Moodboards and Storyboards

Two great ways to plan what your digital story is going to look like before you even pick up your camera! Find out more about why the film starts way before filming...

Writing shared values

In this episode of our free life-writing class, we look at pieces by Langston Hughes and Naomi Shihab Nye and ask ourselves and each other - what are the Big Values that drive us? How does the individual relate to the communal? In what small, detailed ways have ethics and values shown themselves in our … Continue reading Writing shared values

Visual metaphors in film-poems and digital stories #1

Watch along as Laura explains how to start using the images in your film to add deeper meaning to your words. Letter to a Minnesota Jail by Anathema Jane McKenna ‘In a sense we've come to our nation's capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the...Constitution and the Declaration of … Continue reading Visual metaphors in film-poems and digital stories #1

Life lessons shared through poetry

In our March writing session, Kirsten Luckins took us through an intensive idea-generation brainstorm and then couple of great poetic structures that together will allow you to articulate what YOU have learned in life.

Take a better, more meaningful photo

In this month's digital workshop, film-maker and storyteller Laura Degnan takes us through some essential photographic techniques that will help you add layers of meaning to your images, which will ensure maximum impact when you combine them with your written or spoken words. Follow along with these exercises as we look at the impact of … Continue reading Take a better, more meaningful photo

2021 writing creative memoir #1 – your wibbly, wobbly life path

In this session, Kirsten guides you to think about the shape of your life path, and gives you three ways of writing that might help you create an overview. Using 'anaphora' poems by Sara Dennis and Amir Darwish, and an extract from Michelle Obama, you should end up with a summary or prologue piece that … Continue reading 2021 writing creative memoir #1 – your wibbly, wobbly life path

Making that Christmas film, and linking Dropbox to iMovie

In this video, Laura revises some of our key editing tools, and then teaches our core participants how to access the Celebrating Change Dropbox app in order to Export a soundtrack into their digital stories. Although some of you watching won't have access to our particular Dropbox, this should still give you an idea of … Continue reading Making that Christmas film, and linking Dropbox to iMovie

Building your writing muscles – Christmas Special

So here it is, our last session of 2020, in which we take a whistle-stop tour of techniques and prompts used over the last 6 weeks and apply them to the creation of a Christmas/seasonal message! Combine the piece you produce from this tutorial with Laura's challenge to take footage of your Christmas, and you … Continue reading Building your writing muscles – Christmas Special

Digital basics #6 – adding a soundtrack

In our final intro session of 2020, our films are nearly finished. All that's needed is a soundtrack! Laura shows you how to add music from the iMovies audio library, and how to fade it in and out. If you've been following along with these tutorials, we'd love to see your work on our Facebook … Continue reading Digital basics #6 – adding a soundtrack