At Celebrating Change, we introduce people to using iPads and iMovie as a way of creating digital stories about their lives, and the things that are important to them. If you have an iPad and are wondering how to start making films, you may find this step-by-step guide useful, create by course leader Laura Degnan. Whatever you do in iMovies is automatically saved, so you can have the confidence to play about without disaster striking!

Using the iMovie app

We support people to write about their lives, using poetry and lyrical memoir. Then we guide them in capturing film footage that will add further layers of atmosphere and meaning to their words. Here is a blog from course leader Kirsten Luckins about how to approach the tricky task of coming up with striking ideas for what to film. And here’s a follow-up about some of the most common problems to avoid!

If you’d like to make your own digital story, using a poem or piece of writing about your life, we would love to feature it on our weekly ‘magazine’ right here on the blog. Remember to always film in landscape orientation, and send your film to with a short statement about who you are, and where to find you online.