Celebrating Change is a year-long digital storytelling project based in Middlesbrough. It is funded by Arts Council England, and is led by film-maker Laura Degnan and poet Kirsten Luckins.

The project has two parallel components, digital and face-to-face. This blog is the digital strand, and is intended as a magazine space where anyone at all can submit poems, stories and films about their experiences of change. We will post up writing prompts and exercises from our real-time workshops, and we will feature guest editors. Please take a look at our Films and Stories pages for examples and submissions guidelines.

In real time, we are working with a group of Middlesbrough residents at mima every third Thursday of the month, starting on 16th November 2017. They will use a variety of creative writing and digital techniques to tell stories about changes in their own lives, and the life of their communities. There will also be a couple of completely open Saturday workshops, also at mima. Please check out our Events page for information.

During this project, we will be making links to archive footage from the North East Film Archive, and to current activism for positive change. We are proud to be part of the positive backlash to austerity and the politics of social division.