Celebrating Change is a year-long digital storytelling project based in Middlesbrough. We are delighted to have received a third year of funding from Arts Council England, plus the support of our partners MIMA, Ageing Better Middlesbrough, Hope4Boro and Nature’s World in sponsoring our core participants.

These fifteen participants, all residents of Middlesbrough who are at risk of isolation, will be mentored through twelve months of creative writing and filmmaking workshops and be given the use of an iPad and tripod for the duration. Due to COVID-19, all workshops will take place on Zoom, and will be filmed and released as captioned video tutorials to our new Facebook Group.

In previous years, the project has two parallel components, digital and face-to-face. This blog has been the digital strand, and is intended as a magazine space featuring poems, stories and films about their experiences of change. Submissions are currently closed, as this year we will focus on building a digital community via Facebook and Zoom.

Anyone with their own iPad may join the Celebrating Change programme for free. Many of the writing sessions will be open online to anyone who wishes to attend, including our core fifteen participants. The filmmaking workshops will be available live to our core group only, but will be released as video resources for all via our Facebook Group and as blog posts here.