One picture, many words

Today we’re celebrating how an image can inspire different people to write different things. In our recent workshop, we experimented with using images as the starting point to prompt writing. Below are some responses to this photo – what would you write?

When I look at this photo

of the tree and sun picture

it makes me feel happy

and warm of the sun

and it makes me feel nice

relaxing, and warm in me

so I can chill out.

Words by Ian Middleton

No darkness

be it ever so black

Is devoid of hope

And the power of light

Is so great

That it’s rays

Can pierce the deepest gloom

And we have no power

To prevent it!

Words by Sandra Falconer

Globe of light

Pierces through another circle




But life-giving.

The tree is another circle

Is dark and perfect curves

Grow and flourish

Out of the furnace of life

Rooted in ground just as dark.

These two halves

Are made whole

By this line of light.

Words by Francis Annett

Daybreak radiance

Sunlight startles the darkness,

Stunning opening

Words by Joyce Skinn


If beauty like this is stumbled upon

or a plan painstakingly hatched.

Why a simple shift in the angle of light raises up or drops a heart.

How to summon fresh words for ancient marvels.

Whether this could be the sign I have never dared hope for.

How to stop wondering and

let myself be.

Words by Helen Anderson

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