My Rainbow Alley by Sandra Falconer

Sandra is back with a fascinating look at social history, seen through the singular lens of the Back Alley! Celebrating the recent changes made by her local community, that have brought the abandoned back alleys into communal use once more.

3 thoughts on “My Rainbow Alley by Sandra Falconer

  1. Excellent and so true it had made families stop and think about the future and the young ones of today will join forces and change the world for the beter.

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  2. This is a great reflection on the shifting sands of space and place, when I first came to Middlesbrough 1994 the back alleys were literally full of rubbish, they were a great resource for me trying to understand a culture of community that was losing it way. In the past 25 years I have witnessed the different approaches to capping behaviours attracted to alleys. It is great to bear witness to your clear grasp of the impacts supporting those changes of use Sandra, a brilliant and sincere piece of history making and something to support place making for future generations to come.

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