Everywhere is always full of holes by Denni Turp

Please welcome Denni to the blog, with a poem that speaks simply and eloquently of how normal is forever altered by trauma and loss.

Everywhere is always full of holes

The pier at Southwold with the water clock
we watched so long to see the hour,
the amusements, and the beach huts
bright and neat in the September sun
three years ago—can it be so long?—remain.
Old Lowestoft, the Triangle Tavern
for a pint of Aspalls—draft, of course—
your second favourite after tea,
and down the road, the library,
where we often left you browsing.
All still there, it seems, but not you now.
And as before, each time of change,
I wonder how the world can hold its shape,
be so familiar and yet so strange.


Denni Turp photoDenni Turp is a Welsh-speaking Cockney living in rural north Wales, a dog-rescuer, and a green socialist. Her poems have been published in a number of poetry magazines, webzines and anthologies. In 2019, for the sixth year running, she organised the north Wales session as part of the global 100 Thousand Poets for Change event. https://www.100tpcmedia.org/100TPC2012/

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