A digital story by Grace Turner-Thompson

Grace is a very special member of our Middlesbrough workshop group. The film she’s made will give you an insight into her life, and what she needs to secure a hopeful future.

We’re also delighted to bring you a poem by Grace, about her Grandma Edith who taught her how to bake.

The Wedding Ring

Vena amoris – the vein of love
The symbol of eternity
No beginning no end
Like a circle in sand.
Grandma’s wedding ring
A token given by Grandad John,
An emblem of love and devotion
Cherished for a lifetime.

Plain thin rose coloured gold band
Started life 11th February 1954
Celebrating a marriage, a union on my family tree
It was the greatest moment of it’s life.
Saddest moment 4th December 2008 when it passed to me.
I wear it every day,
A symbol of union of our hearts, mine and theirs
Unwritten code between the three of us
Love, cherish for the rest of our lives.
Middle finger right hand
Connected directly from their hearts to mine.

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