Luminol by Pippa Little

Pippa Little’s poem ‘Luminol’ uses the image of the actual crime-scene chemical to great effect – haunts her poem with its visual luminescence and the stains you know are there but can never truly remove. – Jane Burn, guest editor.


reveals the secret

you don’t even know you know
until years afterwards
like an old stain
it rises up

strange as fireflies

of a crime
that never was,
flares now in plain sight

so on your knees

you scrub and scrub
down to the bristles
hot with shame

and it all floods in,

memory and spasm
as time collapses
and your skin slips

squint, you mutter

in your lonely business
victim, forensic, char
before the light fails

Pippa Little

Pippa Little is currently working on a third full collection and a pamphlet as well as running reflective writing workshops for new students with mental health issues.

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