The Tall God In The Wood by Susannah Violette

“Here is witchery and incantation, a poem of deep and darkness, legend and lore. I found so much to like in this earthy piece full of blood and guts.” – Jane Burn, guest editor.

The Tall God in the Wood

the jack knife flicking of red worms
the quickening soup of his mouth
the way my stomach turns

this tall god in the wood

he takes the form of a rooting pig
sloshes obsidian rain down his chin

he has death-cap knowledge
lacy, delicate and so very deep

slugs gather up the vomit
where I retched you out
the lightning tree

the doe keeps me upright
her eyes like crutches
my teeth burn with acid

she saw barbs and serrations
ride the soft cheese of you
that left a snails trail

he, and you
pointed twisted fingers
blacken me with soot

the egg halves around my feet
jagged rim to dome
are fresh white

Susannah VioletteSusannah has had poems placed or commended in the Plough Prize, Westival International Poetry Prize, the Frogmore poetry prize, Coast to Coast to Coast Pamphlet Competition and appeared in various publications worldwide most recently Pale Fire (anthology of contemporary writing on the moon), For the Silent (anthology supporting the work of the LACS), You Are Not Your Rape (anthology of empowerment and overcoming rape) Strix and Eyeflash.

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