Splendid Isolation 1 by Sandra Falconer

Continuing with our ‘incidental’ series of poems written by members of our monthly digital storytelling group, here’s the first of some lockdown verse by Sandra Falconer!

Splendid Isolation

When the command finally came it was hardly unexpected.
Indeed, our self incarceration was anxiously desired
As he found, at last, the means to sound authoritative,
We gave up our freedom with barely a whimper.
Indeed a sigh of relief escaped our collective lips
As we settled down to an indefinite sentence

Behind us now the panic
As we desperately rounded up our flock
One by one they returned from foreign shores
Arrangements hastily made to protect the vulnerable
Provisions in – sufficient for the hour
A moment  now to ponder the implications

So, here I sit, as did old queen Vic, in splendid Isolation
Suppressing the fears still too close to the surface
And welcoming, with a measure of excitement.
This opportunity to don the Dunkirk Spirit
To put aside differences in the face of a common foe
And see healing in our fractured nation.


Sandra says “after a full life raising a large family and doing a multitude of jobs, from market trader to teaching, I now have time to develop new areas.  Celebrating Change rekindled my love of playing with words and so I am delighted that some of my work has found its way to these pages.”

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