Messages of hope from Ally O’Neill

Hello! In addition to our Friday poems selected by Jane Burn, we’re delighted to bring you a few poems and messages from the participants of our monthly digital storytelling workshops.

Ally O’Neill is a mum of two teenagers, born and raised in Middlesbrough. She says
I started off writing songs after learning the guitar at college, my writing seemed to become more deeper after travelling, mainly in Africa and after learning to connect to nature I was able to receive guided messages which I am learning how to share with others. My messages are usually about Hope and a return to a more simple and beautiful way of living in harmony with the Earth and Each other. This is my hope and Dream. That we humans learn what a privilege it is to walk on this most beautiful planet Earth and come to respect and look after our Home here.


Where have all the Children gone.

What a Time I find myself in.
The flowers are here
But where have all the people gone?
I step outside not a soul insight.
Grey concrete houses seem somehow greyer today.
Hey but the daffodils are here shining their golden trumpets heralding spring is here,
It’s time to come out and play, I hear them shout.
But where have all the children gone?.
I walk down street after street.
No children do I find
But what’s this I see ?
Rainbows in many windows
Thank God  A Sign.
A sign of Hope.
The children there still here,hidden behind closed doors,
But they’re still here,
Drawing Rainbows of Hope.
I smile and walk on a little bit brighter than before.
Grateful for the Children ,and their Rainbows.
Thank you.

A walk in the woods

I walk passed the empty streets and into the woods
I can breathe now.
All is coming to life here
The wild garlic covers the forest floor in a lush green carpet of edible delights.
I venture off the track.
I lay down on the ground among the trees for comfort and renewal.
I sink into the ground.
The sun shines through the trees and fills me up with warmth and golden light.
I bask awhile.
I allow my mind to quieten down,
I hear the bird song all around,
I close my eyes
I am immersed in this pure beautiful sound.
I loose myself in this magic moment.
My essence merges with all that is .
I am no more.
I sink into Bliss for a moment.
If God took me now would I even know.
How can I fear death when there is evidence of rebirth all around?
Maybe I can stay in this blissful moment forever,can I have such a gift I ask myself.
No, I have work to do here on Earth.I know I have,I promised I would help in this time of transition.
I wait only for guidance.I  know God gives me these blissful moments to remind me he is near always.
May I always be in the right place ,at the right time I pray.
Doing what you would have me do.
May I always keep myself in the light and share this light with all I meet.
God/the divine has the plan .
We just have to wait for signs-A Rainbow,sunlight through the trees,bird song and flowers of every kid.
Look for the signs.
Know God/Goddess hold the plan
We just have to go where we are led.
For now we are asked to go within, 
Many have lost their way, have been distracted by the material world and forgotten the importance of stillness,to Pause and listen deep within.
The Divine is calling us back Home.
Many have wandered so far it may take time to hear ,but they will if they just sit a while and listen.
Be still, Be silent, relax and take a long deep breath.
A new way has been shown.
If you look within you will see it and you will hear the call.
“Come Home break free there’s a better world for you and me.”
Remember if you can not go out go in.
God/Goddess wait for you there,to comfort you at this time and give you Hope.
Change is coming.

Change is coming

A message from the one Heart to all Hearts
Change is coming,and if we are prepared to go with it,it will lead to a beautiful new world.
It is up to all of us to dream it into existence. For our  imagination ,intention and faith are powerful Gifts.
Imagine all the world living life in Peace,love and unity.
Imagine the Earth renewed,a return to beauty,community,freedom and abundance.
Imagine everyone living in harmony with each other and the Earth.
It’s Time for Rebirth.
Turn fear into Hope 
Have faith God/Goddess have the plan.
Has this not always been the time of Rebirth?
We are birthing a new Earth.
We are in the birthing process
The waiting time
And the anticipation of what is to come.
The sun is shining
The birds are singing
The flowers are in bloom
And there are Rainbows everywhere
Look for the signs.
Hold on, be strong and Dream a beautiful Dream
And make it real.
You hold the power in your imagination,do not let anyone or anything draw you into fear.
Have faith look for the signs
A New way is coming

A Beautiful Earth is being birthed
We are in the birthing process.
The waiting time
It’s coming 
Hold on for one more day.

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