Mercy by E.A. Charlton

“E A Charlton’s poem has hints of the biblical within its small, simple, psalm-like form. ‘Spare the rabbit heart inside/That brittle chest of mine’ carried a lot of emotion within it for me, perfectly summed up the idea of fast-beating fear. The poem ends on a note of quiet sadness that I found very affecting.” – Jane Burn, guest editor.


Your mercy on my blood
Showed that somehow you could
Spare the rabbit heart inside
That brittle chest of mine

I would write, in depth, of sorrow
Spill my shame until the ‘morrow
But who would want to taint
Such a pretty page?

EA Charlton

E A Charlton is a 22-year-old aspiring poet and writer from Yorkshire, she began reading and writing poetry and prose at the age of 4; developing a deep passion for the English language, pursuing it throughout her school career. Now into early adulthood, Charlton is keen to grow as a writer and share her love of all things literary with both the poetry community and the wider audience. Taking most of her inspiration from the natural world around us, she also includes elements of philosophy, ancient history, and the magical unknown into her works spanning a variety of subjects; namely human nature, the trials of the soul, and the universe at large.

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