The Chrysalis by Chris Boyland

Words of advice for all of us hoping to survive and thrive in the days ahead – thank you Chris!

The Chrysalis

Shift yourself,
grow dragon tail,
sport feathers.

Inherit new ways of
thinking, borrow sharp
new teeth, gaze cautiously
into the shadowy corners of
your own capacity.

Learn to come back from
the dead, it’s a good trick,
much easier these days and
will get you follows.

that you once thought some
things would never

change                is              to              living what
not          to             change             is                     to           dying


Buy this diy chrysalis kit
off the interwebby, ransack
your gran’s sewing box
and make a pair of wings.

steal the colours, if you have to

you’ll find best turquoise
in boys’ eyes, best jade in
haters scowls.

all you like
young whippersnapper
grow armour if you
must, be proud of
scars, get nimble on
your feet but don’t

of your
mother’s songs
are still
worth singing.

IMG_477CB_pic - 4 December 2016C D Boyland (he/him) lives in Cumbernauld, near Glasgow. His poems have
been published or accepted by magazines and journals such as:404Ink, Acumen,
The Blue Nib, Gutter, Northwords Now, PENning and The Poets’ Republic and,
very recently, in the online anthology,New Boots and
Pantisocracies: Neubooterdammerung“. He performs regularly at spoken word
nights across central Scotland and blogs occasionally


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