Two Poems by Finola Scott

In this age of vast public demonstrations and non-violent rebellion, these two vivid poems from Finola Scott speak of a global human community, and the risks that demonstrators run.

‘We are very close’:
Tens of thousands march in Venezuela 2/2/19

This river of democracy is in full spate,
With flags foaming, baseball capped marchers
flood their cities, find strength in each other.
Waving statues of the virgin, home made banners
they march, courage tied tight as their shoes.

Seirra de Perija Barquisimeto

This tsunami of hope, of belief in protest,
seems unstoppable. Yes we can! We can!
My throat catches as I see them stand
rock steady while their anthem soars.

Caracus Petre Barinas

As other words – counter-demonstrations,
the Military, gringos – slip into the report
I recall my days of foot stomping in Glasgow.
Whose streets? No Pasaran felt easy here, then.
Fear pricks my skin.

Previously published on I am not a silent poet Feb ’19


It’s the third curtained day silent
they grip hands hanging on.
His frozen mouth flaps,
dribbles from the right side
an injured bird.
Mumbles escape, struggle
to find meaning.

Pppp Ppp
In the strongbox of his skull
a well thumbed thesaurus is locked.
He grins and spurts
Writing implement.
Contestant in a game show
I demand Ppp? Pencil? Pen?
You want to write, Dad?
Nodding he laughs and flicks
mock sweat from his brow.

Bio pic
Finola Scott

Finola Scott is widely published including in Gutter, Ofi Press, The Fenland Reed and Prole. She won the Blue Nib Chapbook competitions and was runner up in Coast to Coast‘s pamphlet competition. Red Squirrel are publishing her pamphlet this winter.


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