Crewe by Ye Min

This week we start a series of poems selected by guest editor Jess Green, on the theme of ‘Difference & Defiance’. Of our first piece , she says “I love a poem which does a lot with as little as possible. The question of the final line about a past which has led to ‘weekend fatherhood’ and all the connotations that that brings, in the ‘famous railway junction’ of Crewe – which for many of us has its own connotations of delayed journeys and passing through.”


famous railway junction

weekend fatherhood begins

Oh Mr Porter, why
are there no returns

from where we’ve been?


Ye Min
Ye Min

Ye Min was conceived in London but born in Burma. He has been moving ever since. He has lived in Stoke, Crewe, Warrington, Manchester and now Northumberland. He trained and worked as a Librarian, Special Needs teacher and a Dramatherapist. He has always loved writing and has written three almost published novels! One was accepted for publication but was then rejected, another was commended in the Fab@Faber Competition. He likes writing short poems.

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