Impermanence by Kirsten Luckins

Celebrating Change grew in part out of a love for film-poetry. Although not everyone who takes part in the project ends up using a poem as the basis for their digital story, there is still something essentially poetic about putting pictures to words. We ask our film-makers to explore what happens when the pictures don’t directly illustrate the words. The minds of the listener-viewers immediately fill the gap with their own meanings. This is how metaphor and simile works; how poetry works. I say ‘love’, but show you a red rose. Or, I write you a rose, and you understand ‘love’.

This film-poem is based on a poem that morphs itself towards meaning. It’s based on the Oulipo technique of N+7, where nouns are replaced by the noun 7 places ahead in the dictionary. In this poem, the original text is found in the final verse. Each verse before that contains the nouns + 60, + 40, and +20… watch and see what I mean!

Many thanks to NEFA for the archive footage used. The poem comes from the collection The Trouble With Compassion, Burning Eye Books.

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