Nine Things That Are Precious To Me by Lynne

I had great fun helping Lynne with this digital story, I just wish I had been using Sharpies for a darker line! Lynne read her poem to me slowly, explaining some of the images, while I doodled whatever pictures came into my head. She filmed me as I drew, using the timelapse function on the iPad. The result is a kind of animation. If you have an iPad and tripod, you could easily do this yourself. Just make sure to get the best lighting possible, a good dark pen, and set the shot up so you’re not knocking the tripod when you scribble! Record and add the audio afterwards.

2 thoughts on “Nine Things That Are Precious To Me by Lynne

    1. Yes, I think we should have held it a bit longer – it’s sometimes hard to gauge how much the duration will shrink when you apply the timelapse compression. We were shocked that we’d managed to get it so close to the duration of her audio recording on the first take!


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