A digital story by Miki Rogers

For the next few weeks, we’re delighted to feature the digital stories made by our regular Celebrating Change participants, starting with this one by Miki Rogers.

Some of you may have seen this via Miki’s own social media, but if you haven’t – get ready for a treat! It was my absolute pleasure to help Miki with the fiddly task of positioning and snapping all these wonderful items from her late grandmother’s ‘cabinet of treasures’ to make a stop-motion animation for her story and poem, celebrating all the things that made her Nana Mary special. Look at those wonderful old photos too!

Stop-motion is actually super-easy when you’re using an iPad, as we were here. The camera has a stop-motion setting that will stitch the finished film together for you. You just need to remember these top tips:

Reckon on 8-25 pictures for each second of footage. The more you take, the smoother the motion will appear.

Use something to hold the iPad steady – we used a bracket on a tripod, and taped the tripod’s legs to prevent accidental knocking. You might need to tape down your background as well – we didn’t need to, as we were using a fixed bench.

Even if only one of the objects on scene is ‘making a journey’, still touch all elements and move them a little with each picture you take. It keeps the whole frame alive!

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