Then by Hannah Stone

The second of our ‘changing home’ poetry choices by guest editor Clive Birnie is by Hannah Stone. Clive says “I chose this one for ‘the dust that settled on all the things I didn’t do’. I think we can all recognise that sentiment.”


When it’s time for me to take home my bones

I will pick them clean from embraces,

bind them in bundles tethered with promises.

I will draw a map in the dust that settled

on all the things I didn’t do.

Then I will trail a peacock feather behind me

to sweep away the traces

and I will leave the door open.



Hannah Stone is the author of two collections, Lodestone (2016) and Missing Miles (2017). She convenes the poets/composers forum for the Leeds Lieder Festival and hosts a monthly spoken word event, Wordspace. The premiere of her latest collaboration with composer Matthew Oglesby takes place on 27 October. See

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