Call-out for poetry submissions!

moving-boxI’m delighted to announce the last of our three guest editors – Clive Birnie of Burning Eye Books! He’s given a lot of thought to what aspects of change, and of poetry, he’d most like to see from all you fab writers out there, and he says this:

I am interested in the effect of changing home. My family moved town when I was about ten and it had a profound effect on me. We only moved across county although to a very different town where my accent and other factors made me feel very much an outsider at first and forced a process of adaptation and change upon me that I think about to this day (nearly 40 years later). I later moved again in my early 20s from the Eastern shore of England to the city of Bristol in the West, so from East to West and from small town to City. I am curious to hear how this kind of change has affected other people. That might mean moving to a new home due to economic circumstances or to live with a loved one. Moving to find work whether within the UK or coming to the UK from elsewhere under whatever circumstances e.g. to work, study, for refuge or asylum. As people we are often described by our place of origin but I wonder whether it is as simple as that. People here in the West say I still sound like I came from the East but when I visit  the East people say I sound like I come from the West. So who am I? Both. Neither. Something in between.
The other thing I am currently interested in are very small poems. Short in form, a small number of lines. So I am particularly interested in reading short sharp poems, little ghostly poems that haunt. Let’s say max 10 lines.

So get submitting! Our deadline for this round is MONDAY 10TH SEPTEMBER, and we will be publishing at least one a week from then until the end of the project in October.

Please send up to three pieces to

Please include a short biog/personal statement, and a good quality photo of yourself. If you have social media addresses, let us know so we can tag you with blog links.

Previously published work is fine, if submitted with acknowledgements.

2 thoughts on “Call-out for poetry submissions!

  1. Do you have a second call-out for later in 2019 or 2020? I am very interested in the very short poem category and would like to submit. I live in North Carolina, USA.
    Please take a moment to respond (if you’re not just fed up with the whole thing!)


    1. Hi Barbara, there will be another call-out towards the end of the year for publishing early 2020. The guest editor will be Jane Burns, I’m not sure yet what in particular she’ll ask for, but please do submit. We may do a general call-out after that. Thanks for reading the blog!


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