Whose body? by Fran Edwards

Big thanks to Fran for donating three pieces written at our monthly workshops. This piece came out of our ‘fortune teller’ prompt back in March.

I was asked, “Whose body would I like to be in for a day?”

I felt confused, because that question would normally be “Whose life would you like to have for a day?”                                                                           

The use of the word ‘body’ took me off on a tangent. Perhaps I should be quite superficial and choose the body of a super model or someone with no physical imperfections. Then I could bask in the admiring glances as I sashayed along in my short skirt swinging my advert perfect hair, waving to friends with my beautifully toned arms, no longer having to worry about the flabby bits. Perhaps, it was suggested, I needn’t to be quite so ambitious. Did I not have a yearning to be in my own body when I was younger and had yet to experience any of the changes and limitations that age can bring however hard you work to avoid it.

So then it came to me.  Not my own body, but the body of a super athlete.

Then I could know how it feels to run at what seems to me the speed of light round the athletics track with Usain Bolt in the next lane, when fractions of a second make the difference between winning or losing. Or I could have the ultimate adrenaline rush of those amazingly scary but mesmerising ski jumps at the winter Olympics – which would be quite something for someone who thinks sledging down a moderately steep hill is daring! Or what about the high diving board. One of those stomach churning fear inducing backward facing triple everything dives executed with perfect entry into the water and no splash. Yes, perhaps that should be it. Prepare yourself Tom Daley, you’re about to be possessed.

If you’ve ever experienced a change of body, name or identity, then why not write a poem or piece of short prose about it for our blog? Until 25 June, we have a submission window open and a guest editor, Degna Stone. Here’s what she’s looking for.


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