I Was Standing By The Fridge by Fran Edwards

I was standing by the fridge when she said “I’m pregnant”

I celebrated with wine, fizzy like the bubbles of joy in my mind

I couldn’t believe that at last

I was going to be a grandmother

I smiled a lot

I worried too

I waited for scans and enough weeks passing to feel it was real

I went to help with pre-baby jobs

I was worried by her swollen legs and feet, so were the doctors

I had hospital tea while they decided to keep her in

I heard the word induce

I waited by the phone

I heard her voice, sleepy but elated

I loved his name

I held him in my arms the next day

I was grinning with face aching delight

I press pause and freeze frame the memory


This poem is the first of three pieces by Fran Edwards that we will feature on the blog over the next 10 days. Fran is a regular member of the Celebrating Change core workshop group, and this poem was inspired by our reading of ‘Six’ by Sara Dennis.

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