W10 by Laurie Bolger


Those thick-skinned women who brought out

suds and sponges in buckets, rested them in doorways,


kneeling in their slippers, they’d scrub and scrub.

It was all about keeping the modest porch dirt-free daily


and looking well. The old dears of W10, so much pride.

The ones who told tales of real life in their kitchens,


carried generosity in their bellies and plates of

buffet food two by two.


London Laureate LAURIE BOLGER was born in London W10. Laurie currently hosts BANG Said the Gun London’s leading stand-up poetry night and multi award winning poetry podcast Round @ Laurie’s. Laurie was lead facilitator for BBC 1Xtra’s Words First and her poetry has appeared on BBC World Service, The Verb and Radio 1.
‘Whenever I see her perform or read her work, I’m aware that I’m in the presence of something special. The poet in residence of my heart.’ ‘Porky the Poet’ Phill Jupitus

If I could jump into Lauries poems I would. I imagine it’d be lovely and warm in there.’ Hollie McNish

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