Britannia Corner by Rob Walton

britannia corner

and so it came to pass that all roads lead to scunthorpe

and brumby and ashby and frodingham and crosby

and the five villages chose the choicest name

and all the people moved to scunthorpe and it was the hub

and centre of all the new good things made from iron ore

and fourth division left backs and the birds in the aviary

in central park and also the concrete fountain

and the best small museum of the year every year

in my book and all the new good things

did shine and move in the light and the light and the heat

did come from the blast furnaces which were fuelled

by the dreams of the poets and the painters and the dancers

and the singers and the bloke who sold the evening telegraph

at britannia corner every day except not on sundays

when it was not published and any road he was drinking

mild and dancing at mill road club and shouting about

the end being a hell of a lot nigher than us dafties realised

but until it came we could all muck about in rocket park

and maybe go to see chris for some wheat crunchies

Rob Walton photo by Evelyn Walton

Rob Walton is a writer, performer and teacher from Scunthorpe, who now lives in North Shields. Poems, short stories and flash fictions for adults and children have been published by Arachne, Atrium, Bloomsbury, Butcher’s Dog, the Emma Press, Frances Lincoln, Harper Collins, The Interpreter’s House, IRON Press, Sidekick Books, Northern Correspondent, Northern Voices, Popshot, Red Squirrel, Sidekick Books and others. He has written scripts for performances, including Lines of Desire work at Enchanted Parks.  He collated the text for the New Hartley Memorial Pathway and sometimes collaborates with sculptor Russ Coleman.   Past winner and current judge for National Flash Fiction Day micro-fiction competition. He sometimes tweets @anicelad.

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