Gauntlet by Carol Fenwick

In the third poem selected by our guest editor Jessie Joe Jacobs, we take a look from on high at modern 'gods' Weinstein and Murdoch... Gauntlet Wielding his gauntlet like Apollo’s arrow, Zeus greets them. From among his avenue of Alpha males, they stand like Gods. Those who don’t salute are left to suffer without … Continue reading Gauntlet by Carol Fenwick

Impossible Things by Rosamund McCullain

In the second poem chosen by our guest editor Jessie Joe Jacobs, poet Rosamund McCullain plays on the meaning of 'scab'. Worthy words as our university staff continue to strike for their pensions. Impossible Things Picking that irritating scab and wondering Can there be new skin underneath? Can Epidermis and epiglottis renew? Repair the Raw … Continue reading Impossible Things by Rosamund McCullain

No News Is Good News by Jackson Davies

Welcome to the first poem chosen for March by our guest editor, Jessie Joe Jacobs, who is part of the We Are Our Media collective working to bring 'alternative tabloids' to the  people of the north east, written by the people of the north east! No News is Good News You might be under the … Continue reading No News Is Good News by Jackson Davies