Deeper In Debt by Adrian McRobb

For our penultimate poem selected by guest editor Jessie Joe Jacobs, here comes an ‘austerity ballad’ from Adrian McRobb.

Deeper In Debt…
Another day in a small grey town
The rain as usual pouring down
Sodden people standing in queues
Reading papers full of yesterdays news
In near empty bars staff idly wipe glasses
Beer! The opiate of the jobless masses
No work? No pay, again this week?
Toryism’s created a world so bleak
The Welfare states run out of onus
No safety net to catch the homeless
While in overfed government circus
MP’s plan the ruin of factory workers
This Britain that once so great
Joined the market and was left too its fate
We all helped in the giants downfall
Hypnotised, drawn into Teresa’s thrall
Privatisation running out of control
Work for some? For the rest the dole
People who bought their council homes
Robbed the poor of the ‘right too own’
Cardboard city, that wild west town
You can feel the economy spiralling down
Our children grow, the county’s hopeful
In a bankrupt state of corruption woeful
While the edifice crumbles (this fat-cats dinner)
We look forward to being the next Lottery winner (sic)
Another day in a small grey town
That companies greed is pulling down

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