Gauntlet by Carol Fenwick

In the third poem selected by our guest editor Jessie Joe Jacobs, we take a look from on high at modern ‘gods’ Weinstein and Murdoch…


Wielding his gauntlet like Apollo’s arrow, Zeus greets them.

From among his avenue of Alpha males, they stand like Gods.

Those who don’t salute are left to suffer without mercy.

Murdoch made his billions and Weinstein lied through gritted teeth.

Bad jokes told, while stories sold. Taste and truth and lives were lost.

While these Gods, they reaped the gold.

As victims suffered and were mocked,

I think of George Orwell, who decreed that, one day,

to speak the truth, would be an act of revolution itself.

So while he wields his gauntlet beware,

Satan’s accusing stare and vicious tongue.

As I look down at a world shattered, by the powers that be,

I guarantee one day the truth will set us free.

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