A poem by Nick Smith

Here at Celebrating Change, we’re so happy to be working with a really diverse group of digital storytellers. Today I have the pleasure and honour of bringing you the first poem from the group, a heart-wrenching piece by Nick Smith. He wrote it in response to Sara Dennis’ poem ‘Six’ , but has absolutely made the form his own. Thanks Nick for letting us share your wonderful work!


Helpless, I just stood there,

            and I took the blows,

Helpless, I just watched it,

            and I felt the pain,

Helpless, I did as I was told,

            and I got the job I didn’t want,

Helpless, I couldn’t do a thing,

            and I was thrown to the wolves,

Helpless, I failed to speak a word,

            and I lost the girl,

Helpless, I watched the years go by,

            and I lost them in the trying,

Helpless, I stretched as far as I could,

            and I lost everything and everyone.

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