Moving On by Fran Edwards

I need a change of scenery he said,

looking through me at something

more appealing

and desirable.


I changed the sheets

but the bed still

smelt of him.


Three months later he changed

his mind

he said he’d had a change

of heart.


So had I,

and I’d changed

the locks.


Thanks so much to contributor Fran Edwards, who attended one of the celebrating Change taster sessions – we hope to see her again at our monthly sessions, which start THIS THURSDAY! Fran has been dabbling with poems and sometimes short stories for a lot of years and did win a competition with a poem for young children which was published in Child Education magazine (Scholastic Press). She is trying to give more time to this now she is retired, and be more pro-active with the use of different types of technology. She is a member of Saltburn Writers group and gets encouragement, feedback and inspiration from the other members at their monthly sessions – as well as tea and biscuits!

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