Independence Day by Finola Scott

Independence Day The bonnet's a yellow explosion. I instruct Aim for something soft. So my son hits the daffodils not a wall. I recall my own lessons, the feel of Dad's hand on my learner shoulder and sigh. Well Done.   Twice a week I grip my passenger-seat belt and career between advice and novenas. … Continue reading Independence Day by Finola Scott

Summer’s Last by Harry Gallagher

Summer’s Last As the seafront echoes to talk of icecream weather and how the washing can wait until the morning   and all-walked-out children piggyback up the slipway on crispyskinned parents who are planning for bedtime,   hemmed in behind the bars of an offshore windfarm, awaiting its jailbreak, Autumn gathers its anvils. As I … Continue reading Summer’s Last by Harry Gallagher