Turning The Tide by Tony Gadd

Proud men of Hendon, Pallion and Panns, ‘short time workers’ of dying shipyards Scavengers of fuel, the Sherpas of the north, sea coalers beating a different path Suited, booted, flat cap too, winter an added donkey jacket and scarf, for the human mule Expeditions on his Elswick bike, his pit pony, his workhorse, just a … Continue reading Turning The Tide by Tony Gadd

Bank by Rob Walton

Write poems on the tins you put in the foodbank Write verse about how foodbank even became a word Write about alternatives to foodbanks Write long lines about love conquering all Write about love not necessarily being a short-term solution for the starving Write that then again maybe love is the answer Write about protest … Continue reading Bank by Rob Walton

Testing Time by Helen Anderson

Testing Time Blue                   lines equally             strong Don’t   think about               yesterday’s power             lunch     raising objections all                    through interminable                      … Continue reading Testing Time by Helen Anderson

Saltburn Pier With My Mother by Jo Colley

Saltburn Pier with My Mother Your feet and my feet on the weathered boards, your arm in mine. The stick keeps you upright in the northern breeze, while the salt air uncovers the woman I once knew. Years and cares blown from your face as you drink in the view, recall all the oceans of … Continue reading Saltburn Pier With My Mother by Jo Colley

Unfurling by Sara Dennis

I had set sail, Carried by the winds Of change. But change Was not ready For me. I checked my watch - I was being watched. Timed. Tick, tock, Tick, tock. Where was I? Did I even know? No. Now I do, Don’t I?   I caught my renaissance wave, Hung ten upon the crest, … Continue reading Unfurling by Sara Dennis

Independence Day by Finola Scott

Independence Day The bonnet's a yellow explosion. I instruct Aim for something soft. So my son hits the daffodils not a wall. I recall my own lessons, the feel of Dad's hand on my learner shoulder and sigh. Well Done.   Twice a week I grip my passenger-seat belt and career between advice and novenas. … Continue reading Independence Day by Finola Scott

Summer’s Last by Harry Gallagher

Summer’s Last As the seafront echoes to talk of icecream weather and how the washing can wait until the morning   and all-walked-out children piggyback up the slipway on crispyskinned parents who are planning for bedtime,   hemmed in behind the bars of an offshore windfarm, awaiting its jailbreak, Autumn gathers its anvils. As I … Continue reading Summer’s Last by Harry Gallagher