Chantress by Susie McComb


Snaking briar

Kiss the ground

Make a root

Where you’re found


Snick and snag

Kitten claws

Do your worst

Little thorns




Nature’s way

Hammer home


He is gone

He who strimmed

Beat you back

Lopped your limbs


Dragged you forth

Burnt your dead

Boiled your young

Smeared his bread


He is gone

You persist

Bolder now

That he’s missed


Blood shall spill

Summer heat

Bramble jam

Simmers sweet

We couldn’t let September go without a poem about autumn foraging, even though the brambles are probably long past picking now!
Susie was born and raised in Durham, despite the accent, and is tentatively trying to find both her voice and her feet when it comes to poetry. She loves thinking about and working with rhyme, and is hoping to bring together a community of like-minded rhymesmiths in the North East. Follow her on Twitter @rhymefact

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