The Columnist by Michelle Dee

He picked me up,

picked me out,

from all of the boys.

He took me home

took me to bed

he was a columnist.

Rewriting my life

with a few words,

‘You are a girl,’ he said

pulling me in for a kiss.

‘You are not gay,

you are just a girl,’ he said

transforming the world.


michelle dee profile img

Born in Middlesborough, raised in Corbridge, a ‘tireless ambassador for the arts’, Michelle Dee is one part of Hull’s Women of Words collective. Well known in her adopted city for her written work, charting cultural change and work in diverse communities.

She’s published online and in print, has appeared at Write To Speak, Freedom Festival, Hulloween, Spoken Weird, Bar Wotever (RVT)  Follow her on Twitter @msmichdee or check out her blog where this poem first appeared. Plus, there’s

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