One-shot filmpoem

Here’s how to use an iPad to make an extremely simple one-shot filmpoem or digital story.

First – write a poem! Ok, it needn’t be too long or too complicated. At our taster session I asked people to tell me a story about their life, or The Story Of Their Life, in just six words. This could be a six-word sentence (Travelled for years, came back home) or a six-word list of the important things in your life (home, family, children, laughter, beach, creativity). You might like to try something a little bit longer but still quite short – a rhyming couplet, a haiku?

At our taster session, some people had never held an iPad before. If you know how to open your camera and select the video function, you won’t need these two screenshots!

Next you have to shoot about 10 seconds of one continuous shot. But what to choose? It needs to be something that will add to your words, not simply illustrate them. It might not be possible to illustrate them! But you might be able to find something to give the same feeling, a visual metaphor. For example, the story about travelling might go well with a shot of birds flying overhead. You could just focus in on a favourite colour, or the play of light on a surface. If the scene you are filming is full of motion, maybe keep the camera still. If you are focussed on an immobile object, maybe think about walking with the camera so the shot moves from one side to another, or from far away to close in (or vice versa).

Go back to the Home screen on the iPad and open the iMovie editing programme. Press the plus sign to start a new project. Press the film icon to make that project a film, and then choose the Simple film format.

Your film will appear on the right hand side of the screen as a roll of frames, with a big viewing pane taking up the left hand side. To edit your film, press on the roll of frames and drag it to the black editing space at the bottom of the screen. When you touch it, a yellow frame appears around it. You can drag either end of that frame to trim the ends of the film.

7. PushPullToTrim

Underneath the clip you’re editing are some symbols that will allow you to edit other aspects of the film. The one we used was ‘T’ for Titles. Press this to see some options about how your words could appear on the screen – for example, scrolling up, or fading in and out. Select the kind of titles you want to use, and drag the example title box over your editing clip. You can now type in your short story/poem, and it will appear over the top of your images.

Here’s one I quickly made this morning!


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