Change At Basingstoke by Peter Fereday

Change at Basingstoke

Last week I went to Wokingham

I travelled on the train

They told me “Change at Basingstoke”

I murmured “What a pain!”

So when we got to Basingstoke

I went into the loo

And changed into a leopard

Who’d escaped from London Zoo.


I leapt across the platform

In a rather playful mood

And spotted several passengers

Who now looked just like food.

They weren’t too pleased to see me

(I could tell from all the screams)

But nobody got eaten

‘Cause it happened in my dreams.


Just a little something light and silly to cheer your day!

Peter Fereday is a retired Oxford graduate chemist who is now enjoying the freedom to indulge in creative writing, most of which is pretty silly. He is a member of Poole Poetry Collective and often enjoys lowering the tone at open mic events in Dorset.

Photo by Thibaut Henri-Mersenne

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