Fear of Drowning by Gail Curry

Fear of drowning

I used to visit the sea

drawn to it to sit for hours

watching the waves drag the shingle from the shore

snatched into the icy waters against its will.

I used to feel like shingle

a small piece of stone


at the mercy of the sea, waiting to drown.

I used to wake at night

sweating, breathing distorted

as the sea dragged me from my beach

thrashing about and helpless

But no more

I looked today upon the sea

it was calm and gently lapping

I pictured myself, serene and floating

in control of the water

in control of my destiny

Embracing the water

not fearing it

Drowning only my fears


Gail Curry is based in Whitley Bay. Her collection, Lines from An Unfinished Love Song, charts her recovery from mental illness and is being launched at Laing Gallery in Newcastle on October 5th in time for World Mental Health Day.  All proceeds from the sale of the sale of the book being donated to Rape Crisis Tyneside & Northumberland.

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