Bank by Rob Walton

Write poems on the tins you put in the foodbank

Write verse about how foodbank even became a word

Write about alternatives to foodbanks

Write long lines about love conquering all

Write about love not necessarily being a short-term

solution for the starving

Write that then again maybe love is the answer

Write about protest and togetherness

Write advice about where to get better advice

Write the ingredients for a revolution on a packet

of something indulgent

Write about the need for treats

Write about the need for levity and seriousness

Write about us and them

Write about whether there is ultimately only us

Write about rights and responsibilities

Write about ending austerity and words of plenty

Write about writing a Closed sign on the last foodbank.

Rob wall photo - JPEG

Many thanks to Rob Walton for this poem alluding to changes he’d like to see happen. The temptation to illustrate it with a screen-grab of Jacob Rees-Mogg was almost irresistible!

Rob Walton is from Scunthorpe, and lives on Tyneside with his family.  Poetry for adults and children published/forthcoming in The Emma Press, The Interpreter’s House, Sidekick Books, Butcher’s Dog, Frances Lincoln, Bennison Books, IRON Press, Firewords Quarterly, Northern Voices and others.  He also writes prose, and collated the New Hartley Memorial Pathway text.   Rob sometimes tweets @anicelad and oddities can be found at


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