Testing Time by Helen Anderson

Testing Time

Blue                   lines

equally             strong

Don’t   think

about               yesterday’s

power             lunch    

raising objections

all                    through

interminable                                 Extraordinary

Meetings       from

Matters         Arising


                                                        Any   Other   Business

Don’t   think

Baby              don’t                                    Baby

but                 two





Helen Anderson Streamers

Many thanks to Helen for this poem about perhaps the biggest change that can happen! I have tried very hard to retain the poem’s formatting, which should read as the silhouette of a pregnant figure. If it fails, the failure is mine!

Helen Victoria Anderson has an MA in Creative Writing (Distinction) from Teesside University. Author of ‘Piece by Piece: Remembering Georgina: A Mother’s Memoir'(Slipway, 2015) and ‘Way Out’ (Black Light Engine Room Press, 2017). Winner of Ink Tears Flash Fiction Contest 2015. More information at www.helenvictoriaanderson.co.uk. Twitter @HelenVAnderson

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