Unfurling by Sara Dennis

I had set sail,

Carried by the winds

Of change.

But change

Was not ready

For me.

I checked my watch –

I was being watched.

Timed. Tick, tock,

Tick, tock.

Where was I?

Did I even know?


Now I do,

Don’t I?


I caught my renaissance wave,

Hung ten upon the crest,

But pearled,

Once or twice.

Paddled back out,

Caught the next one,

Caught the sun.


I looked up at the sky,

Wasn’t that there

All the time?

And the sand too?

Rocks eroding


All the time,

I, growing



Then why didn’t I see it?

Why did I not see it?

Sara Dennis Porth Cornwall 2017

Sara Dennis is a musician and writer from Guisborough. Her lyrics, poetry and prose, have been published in various literary magazines and her book ‘Stories from the Memory Lane Café’, was published in May 2017.  She has released three albums of music, performs regularly with her band, Peg Powler and runs Folklines, a regular music and spoken word event in Middlesbrough. Follow her on Twitter @saradennismusic 

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