Summer’s Last by Harry Gallagher

Summer’s Last

As the seafront echoes to

talk of icecream weather

and how the washing

can wait until the morning


and all-walked-out children

piggyback up the slipway

on crispyskinned parents

who are planning for bedtime,


hemmed in behind the bars

of an offshore windfarm,

awaiting its jailbreak,

Autumn gathers its anvils.


As I type this blog post on a fretty grey September day, I’m very grateful to Harry for sending in such a timely, seasonal poem. I love the way it mixes human behaviours that never change, with the threat of changing weather that can be read both literally and metaphorically.

Harry Gallagher has been published by The Interpreter’s House, Prole, Rebel Poetry, The Linnet’s Wings and many more. His new collection ‘Northern Lights’ is published in November 2017 (Stairwell Books). He performs live regularly up and down the UK. Follow him on Twitter @HarryVegas.

Picture open source.


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